Derck Littel [NL, 1960]

Graduated at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and participated as cellist in many ensembles and orchestra's as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam.He forms a duo with Robin Koek, live performing improvised electro-acoustic music, sometimes in combination with dance or theatre. In that capacity he performed in Stedelijk Museum, Trouw/de Verdieping, Theater Frascati, Paleis van Mieris, het Holland Festival, de Wereld Draait Door, ACTA, het Rijksmuseum, Studio Loos and at the Gaudeamus Festival. In 2015 he obtained a Bachelor of Art and Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. In September 2016 he continued his studies at the Royal College of Art in London for a Master of Art in sound-design.



1978-1983 Bachelor of Music cum laude Violoncello, Brabants Conservatorium Tilburg


1983-1986 Master of Music Violoncello, Conservatorium Amsterdam


2011 and onwards several workshops and masterclasses: Y3 with Peter Mertens, Xth Sense with Marco Donnaruma, masterclass Tony Conrad, workshop Next Number at NASA, Max/MSP course with Peter Segerström at STEIM, workshop Synchronator with Gert-Jan Prins at STEIM, masterclass with Anthony McCall at EYE Amsterdam, workshop Fieldrecording with Jana Winderen at STEIM


2010-2015 Bachelor of Art and Design, Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam


2016-now  Master of Art at Royal College of Art London, specialisation Sound Design

Workshop Live Electronics with Emanuel Spinelli


2017 workshop 3D Audio at Call&Response


2018 Graduated  Master of Art in Sound Design at RCA London.





He plays on a cello build by George Panormo in 1827 and a baroque cello by Pieter Rombouts dated 1698.



Work experience


1989-1994  2nd principal cellist in Orkest van het Oosten


1994-2012  Cellist in Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam


1994-2012  parttime Cellist in Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


2011 and onwards several electronic music performances:  Inventions #7 for Concertzender, Contemporary Dialogue at Stedelijk Museum, Trouw/de Verdieping in Amsterdam, Tuned City at Gaudeamus Festival, Out of Control in theater Frascati, Sloterplas Festival, SoundSalon at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, DOGTime live recording, ACTA Binnenplaats Festival with Risa Takita, De Wereld Draait Door with Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra.


2013 recordings for Playstation Killzone IV, Pataphysic Night at Huize Frankendael, Composition Square Circle premiered at 10th Annual International Mix at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival In Kansas City


2014 Composition Square Circle performed at Gerald R. Daniel Recital Hall in Long Beach California, sound sculpture at SISISpex

Live performance at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for 10 years DOGTime


2015 Ephémère at Studio LOOS Den Haag, performance at Paleis van Mieris Amsterdam with Tjeerd Schils, sound installation the Wall at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, solo recording and video at Paleis van Mieris


2016 performances at SPEKTRUM and Studio Chérie in Berlin, release CD with electronic-cello music with Robin Koek,  performances with Anna Bregman at the Design Museum London


2017 Performances of Suite Case Suite in collaboration with Gilbert Nuono and Royal College of Music London,

Installation in Gallery Ha Miffal in Jerusalem from april 20th-27th.

Electronic music performances at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou in Paris based on the High Frequency Radiations found in the building.

Performances at V&A Museum London with Katharina Wienen

Performances at White City London and Manchester University with Ronnie Deelen in collaboration with the Royal Musical Association

Cello improvisation Kristallnacht at White Noise Event with Yaprak Goker


2018 Installation Electropolis at WIP-show RCA London

Soundinstallation Entanglement in New River Studios with Yaprak Goker

Nomination Lady Hamlyn Award

Sound event and performances 'Sonic Kitchen' at RCA Final Show.